Monday, 16 February 2015

De Koninck

I had a nice little glass of Antwerp, Belgium's own De Koninck on tap at  a Toronto bar called the Village Idiot, which specializes in Euro-beers and which happens to be on my way home. According to the literature in the beer menu, De Koninck contains 5% alcohol. I was expecting amber, and found it, though with a bit more golden hue that I anticipated. It was clear and arrived with a snazzy chapeau of off-white head. It's brewed by the eponymous brewery.

This beer has a powerfully sweet, fruity aroma. In it are notes of apples and cranberries, as well as a respectable profile of malt and yeast. Its flavour is much less presumptuous than the nose, but likewise kicks off with fruity, malty vibes, before veering gently toward a short, dry, and only slightly bitter finish. De Koninck has a light, drinkable mouthfeel that I found to be a bit wanting and a tad watery.

De Koninck is a fine ale, though not one of Belgium's more interesting offerings. This stuff is much more accessible than tripels, quads, and the other tipples that make beer lovers salivate, but that accessibility comes at the expense of depth. Remember--this is still a Belgian beer, and one with lots of style and an unconventional flavour profile--it just isn't as deep as a Trappist dubbel. Had the mouthfeel been a bit more impressive, I'd have dug this beer a lot more.

Rating: 7.0 out of 10.

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