Thursday, 30 October 2014


Warlock is an Imperial Stout brewed by Southern Tier Brewing Company in Lakewood, New York. According to the label on the 650mL bottle, this strong flavoured ale was intended to be a "counterpoint" to another of Southern Tier's fall seasonals, Imperial Pumking. It's a dark ale that looks like cola and pours with a timid tan head.

While this liver-bruising brew 8.6% beer contains numerous pumpkin pie-esque elements and spices, I don't think that there was any actual pumpkin in it. However, the flavour is all pumpkin pie all the time, with notes of clove and nutmeg. This stout is pretty sweet, but does have an understated hop kick as it goes down. It's possibly the most spiced beer I have ever consumed--Southern Tier must have broken the bank on cinnamon, cloves, and other aromatic spices.There is also just a hint of anise on the finish alongside a chunky nutmeg back. It has a gigantic aroma mostly dominated by the same fall spices, though there is a heavy dose of root beer and vanilla, as well.

Warlock is decidedly not a subtle beer. At times, such as when I took a big sip, it was a bit overwhelming. As a regular offering, Warlock too much and too big, but as a Halloween seasonal, tongue-pounding treat.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10.

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