Friday, 24 October 2014

Kilannan New Zealand Red

I had an unmarked, stamped silver 473mL can of Kilannan Brewing Company's New Zealand Red at Tallboys Craft Beer House--one of Toronto's finest suds dispensaries. The NZ Red contains 5.4% alcohol and comes from Owen Sound, Ontario.

It's a murky, ruddy ale that poured with a thick, but quickly fading off white head. Lovely brown sugar aroma is malty and has a gentle hop tinge. A surprisingly effervescent mouthfeel made for a nice surprise. Its flavour is sweetish, with a touch of ginger, brown sugar, and some latent but not insignificant hops towards the end.

This was a nice little beer from a brewery I'd previously never heard of and am now very fascinated by. I'd definitely recommend it. A touch more rambunctiousness in the flavour wouldn't go amiss though. I like my reds to be a tad more free wheelin'.

8.0 out of 10

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