Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Holy Smoke Peat Smoked Scotch Ale

Coming out of Campbellford, Ontario's Church-Key Brewing Company, Holy Smoke Peat Smoked Scotch Ale is a winner. It's sold in awesome looking 650mL bottles and contains a fortifying 6.2% alcohol. According to the label, this beauty is "traditionally brewed with Scottish peat smoked malt".

A slightly hazy brew, Holy Smoke pours a deep brown/amber colour that wears a crown of off-white head. It features a rich, malt-heavy aroma with, not surprisingly, considerable peatiness. The flavour is characterized by a pleasing blend of smoky and sweet. Holy Smoke is a malt-driven brew. It's finish is peaty, with a whisper of bitterness. If I had my druthers, there'd be a touch more hop presence in the finish.

This is a very nice Scotch ale. It's well built, with flavour to spare. Additionally, it can boast of a healthy alcohol content. A compelling beer regardless, but if you dig smokey beers, this one's more than worth your time.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

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