Thursday, 8 August 2013

Eric's Cream Ale

My wife and I each had a pint of Quidi Vidi Brewing Company's Eric's Cream Ale on tap at a George Street establishment. Occasionally a good sport, she agreed to do a review with me.

Eric's Cream Ale is a clear, golden orange coloured crew. It contains 5% alcohol. There is not a lot of head--just an island of off-white. According to my wife, there was a plummy aroma. In my mind, it was sweet, malty, with some faint whisky essence. Flavour-wise, the Missus found it sweet and dully metallic. As she evocatively put it, Eric's Cream Ale is "a hug from someone with engine grease on their shirt." For my part, I found there to be considerable sweetness in the flavour, as well as an unexpected whisky character. A smooth brew, not particularly hoppy or bitter, but with an interesting flavour. As for the finish, the wife said it was faint and fruity. I echoed that sentiment. It had a whisper of bitterness behind some mellow fruitiness.

My wife and I both decided to give this stuff an 8.0 out of 10.

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