Saturday, 20 April 2013

The Legendary Muskoka Spring Oddity (2012 Vintage)

The Legendary Muskoka Spring Oddity is born in Bracebridge, Ontario.  This curious brew is given life by the Muskoka Brewery.  The 2012 Vintage of the Spring Oddity contains a hearty 8% alcohol and comes in very cool 750mL swingtop bottles adorned with some kind of antlered bird.

The ingredients list on the label boasts of a variety of quirky things like juniper berries, heather tips, and orange peel shavings. Spring Oddity pours a hazy straw gold colour beneath a cap of white head. It has a very unusual aroma that blends gin's juniper charge with some citrus notes and an unexpected sweetness. Very interesting flavours combine to make the Legendary Muskoka Spring Oddity sweet, bitter, fruity, and dry at different points.  This stuff certainly doesn't taste as strong as its 8% alcohol content. In some ways, it tastes almost like a strong witbier--I'd call it a witbier's oddball cousin.

The Legendary Muskoka Spring Oddity is a unique and intriguing brew. It's not something that I'd reach for every other night, but a once in a while, one of a kind product with ample character.  It is just about as daring as any Canadian microbrew I've ever tried, and it scores well for it's risk taking and experimentation.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

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