Monday, 22 April 2013

Coors Light Iced T

Flavoured light beer? That's pretty much the antithesis of what I want in my fridge. Plus it's called "Iced T".  Urgh. At least they spelled "light" correctly, and the can says "Contains Barley", so its got to be beer. Still, this stuff has been popping up everywhere, so I figured I should probably give it a try. I bought a can and it languished in the ol' refrigerator for three months, but I finally went for it on a warm afternoon.

Coors Light Iced T is manufactured by the Coors Brewing Company. It's sold in 473mL cans and contains a lightweight 4% alcohol. It pours a clear golden colour, with white head and not too much carbonation. It has a pretty pleasing aroma that is definitely built on iced tea, but also has a grainy backbone.  As for flavour, I can see how some people might enjoy this stuff--it's sweet and undeniably refreshing. Plus, the tea aftertaste is not without its charm. However, it has neither the beer body nor the alcohol content to bring me back. It's a touch too thin and too sweet.

This stuff is far better than the lime flavoured beers that were so ubiquitous back in 2009, since the tea actually tastes real enough, If you like light beer, iced tea and hot days, enjoy, but don't buy any for me. Light beer ain't my style.

6.0 out of 10.

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