Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Ayinger Bräuweisse

Ayinger Bräuweisse is an "Authentic Bavarian Hefe Weizen" brewed by Brauerai Aying in Aying, Germany. It's sold in 500mL bottles with a cool, old school label, and clocks in at 5.1% alcohol.

A.B. pours a well-carbonated, yellow-orange colour. It is very cloudy and topped by a cumulus cloud of very white head. It has a bready aroma that gives off notes of fruit and a gentle hint of spice. It has a thin, smooth mouthfeel--very mellow but not quite as flavourful as I'd hoped. There are some faint citrus notes; it's yeasty and refreshing. There is very little aftertaste--only the faintest whisper of bitterness.

Ayinger Bräuweisse is a pleasant enough beer, but perhaps a bit too subtle for my tastes. I crave a bit more body in my wheat beers.

Rating; 6.5 out of 10.

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