Wednesday, 24 April 2013

House Ales X Animal Farm--"The Dogs"

I had a 300mL glass of House Ales X Animal Farm "The Dogs" on tap at Toronto beer Mecca barVolo. House Ales is a nano brewery that actually operates, according to its website, out of barVolo. The Dogs is a cask ale and a farmhouse I.PA. I'm not exactly sure what its percentage is.
It arrived a swampy orange gold--opaque and topped with a beautify white head. It has a tangy aroma that marries hoppy citrus with cider-y sharpness.  The flavour has an apple cider beginning and a bitter I.P.A. finish.  There are fruity notes that run the gamut from pear to peach to apple. It is a lovely concept and one that tastes great. It manages to have a smooth mouthfeel and be relatively dry.

The Dogs is a really interesting brew.  I'd never had a farmhouse I.P.A. before--never even heard of one existing as a single entity--and I was a little dubious when I ordered it, but the two styles really give each other a little something.

This was a very interesting cask ale--one that is more than worth your time.  The 300mL glass was a bit too small though.  I was really just getting into the stuff and then it was gone.

Rating: 9.0 out of 10.

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