Monday, 30 July 2012

The Citizen

The DC Brau Brewing Co. hails, not surprisingly, from Washington, D.C.  One of their offerings, called The Citizen, is a fine example of a Belgian-style pale Ale.  I enjoyed a pint on tap at a prominent Washington beer bar. I was served a smallish 10oz goblet of the stuff, which was hazy and golden, with a thin white head. According to the listing at the bar, The Citizen clocks in at a potent 7%.

This Belgian-styled beauty had a sweet, fruity aroma. It's flavour was very mild, but with considerable nuance--there were notes of peach or nectarine that were subtly entrancing. Notably, the elevated alcohol content was not on display in the flavour. The Citizen closes with a crisp, short finish.

This was a pretty enjoyable little pale ale. A bit more robust flavour might have been nice, but it was drinkable, refreshing and cheeky.  I'd recommend it.
*Regretably, I was in such good company that I neglected to take a photo before the beer was a memory. This was the glass it came in

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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