Saturday, 19 November 2016

Mango Even Keel

Another gift from the generous MM, Mango Even Keel is billed as a "session ale with natural mango flavours. It comes in beautiful 12oz cans that feature a beer chugging skeleton lounging in a hammock. A true session ale, MEK contains just 3.8% alcohol. It's a clear, copper ale with a short-lived cream head. It's brewed in San Diego, CA by the beer wizards at Ballast Point Brewing Company.

Copper in colour, MEK also has a slightly coppery aroma, sitting atop some fruity notes. For a beer with such a low percentage, this stuff has an unbelievable amount of flavour. There is a metallic malt base note. The finish is slightly hoppy. As for the mango elements, these are cunningly and subtly built into the back end--really nicely done! The only drawback was that as the beer warmed, the mango became more and more assertive, becoming a bit of a distraction in my final sips.

For a flavoured session ale, I found myself unexpectedly wowed by Mango Even Keel. Big flavour, discrete fruit essence, and quality execution made quaffing this ale a treat.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10.

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