Monday, 7 November 2016

Across the Pond English Special Ale

On a crisp autumn eve, whiling away some team before the Blue Jays playoff tilt against the Orioles, I cracked open a 473mL can of Across the Pond English Special Ale. Across the Pond was brewed in Cambridge, Ontario by High Park Brewery. At 5.5% and 42 IBUs, it had a pretty fair volume. The beer poured the tarnished copper of an old penny. It came with a fluffy cream head that didn't last terribly long.

Sweet malts and tin were the chief aromatics of the brew. Flavour was full and malty initially, but tapered off to a nicely bitter finish. Through that progression, there were some burnt caramel notes.

Given its strength and style, Across the Pond had a really nice amount of flavour. It tasted pretty good too, although it was a touch sweet and there was a faint off note in the finish that I started to notice as my beer warmed a bit. Still and all, I thought it was a fine ale, and one I'd gladly get back to one day.

Rating: 7.0 out of 10.

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