Sunday, 13 November 2016

Ball's Falls Session IPA

On Thanksgiving Monday, the Bitter Wife and I went out for some gourmet burgers at BQM, a great little Toronto chain with a place near us. While I waited for my burger, I got down with a pint of Ball's Falls Session IPA from Bench Brewing Co. from Beamsville, Ontario.

My draught arrived with a fuzzy layer of white head. The beer itself was hazy and pale gold. It had an impressive tropical fruit nose and a flavour to match. There were generous notes of papaya and orange running from bow to stern. However, the mouthfeel proved disappointingly thin, and there could definitely have been a bit more assertive hops presence.

Ball's Falls was listed as an IPA on the tap list and I was pretty disappointed with its lack of depth and gravitas--until I visited the Bench website and learned that it was actually a session IPA. That changed things a bit. It had a lovely flavour, but still nowhere near enough of it. However, I'll definitely keep my eye on Bench, because I sense a big upside.

Rating: 7.0 out of 10.

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