Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Collective Project: Gose

The third installment of the Collective Project sixer from Collective Arts Brewing was their gose. I saved it for last because the checkout dude at my liquor store raved about the stuff when I was purchasing the pack. The 355mL bottle of 5.2% alcohol brew, once upended, revealed a glass full of hazy golden liquid, well carbonated but possessed of very limited head. According to the ingredients list, this little number is brewed up with coriander and Himalayan sea salt.

This Hamiltonian expression of a gose had a briny, faintly yeasty nose. It's flavour vacillated between seawater salty and lemony sour. The mouthfeel is thin and quite crisp. Finish is short and sharp.

The Collective Arts Gose is a pretty nice take on a potentially inaccessible style. It's salty, but not witheringly; sour, but not puckeringly; and fairly pleasant. Gose devotees might count these qualities as strikes, but as an occasional sipper, I found the beer quite agreeable, though the coriander could certainly have been better represented.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10.

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