Friday, 5 August 2016

Mythology Canadian Golden Pilsner

There's something in the air in Barrie, Ontario. Or in the water. Or whatever. Certainly, there's something in the beer. Barrie's Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery produces some excellent ales and lagers, and it does so with a weird aesthetic that is certainly unique, all the while proclaiming that "Normal is Weird". The 473mL cans that house their Mythology Canadian Golden Pilsner, festooned with a graffiti style, is actually pretty restrained by the Monkeys' standards. It scores a 5.3% on the booze scale and hits a respectable 24 IBUs. The brew is clear and gold, with a modest bill of carbonation, and pours with a thinnish white head.

Mythology has a classically grainy, pale lager scent, backed with a nice whiff of Czech-style hops. The flavour, while mild, is quite pleasing, with sweet cereal notes in the starring role. The back end has a dusting of hops that closes the door, not with a clattering slam, but firmly enough. While this beer tastes great--like a brew constructed with quality ingredients ought--it has a watery mouthfeel that, unfortunately, drags my rating down.

For me, a pilsner should be, first and for most crisp and dry. This beer has a beautiful flavour, but it is hamstrung by a thin, wet mouthfeel. Actually, hamstrung is too strong an adjective, since it really is still quite a flavourful brew, with some excellent craft sensibilities. Would I buy another can of Mythology? Don't be daft--of course I would (and will). But does this beer belong on the Monkeys' pantheon alongside mainstays Hoptical Illusion or Smashbomb? Perhaps not.

Rating: 7.0 out of 10.

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