Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Castaway India Pale Ale

At a pal's bachelor party, I had occasion to sample a 12oz. bottle of Castaway India Pale Ale. Born in Kona, Hawaii, Castaway comes from Kona Brewing Co. The beautiful bottle has a nice catamaran, as well as a map of Hawaii and the words "Liquid Aloha" in raised letters. At 6%, it's a little low octane, but the flavour satisfies.

The aroma is hoppy and carries a lot of tropical fruit notes. Bitter, but not excessive, Castaway walks a tricky line between thirst-quenching and craft-style levels of hops. Chief notes are pineapple and resin. I try to drink my beers in clear vessels to maximize my ability to see it, but at a cabin in Bobcaygeon, Ontario, I was forced to settle for a stein engraved with my name. Tough choices. The beer inside appeared to be clear, brown-gold, and it poured with a thick layer of white head.

As my soon-to-be wed pal put it, "you can't beat the ratio of refreshment to hops", and he was quite right. Very enjoyable stuff! Booze count could have been slightly elevated.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

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