Monday, 18 April 2016

HogsBack Ontario Pale Ale

Unfortunately for them (or at least for me) HogsBack Brewing Company chose to package their Ontario Pale Ale in 473mL cans that are remarkably similar to the ones that house their Vintage Lager--so similar that I didn't realize that they were two separate brews. As a result, I haven't ever purchased a can of the OPA, until I recently saw the two of them in two separate, adjacent coolers at a Toronto beer vendor. Such is my shame.

The Ontario Pale Ale, brewed in Ottawa, Ontario, weighs in at 5.5%. It's a bright, copper-hued beer that pours with an unusual bit of silt and a pretty layer of off-white head. It exudes a rich, bready aroma, built around a toasty malt foundation. The taste is also quite luxurious, with a subtly sweet body, a delightfully toasty malt bill, a half measure of caramel. Finish-wise, this pale ale provides an agreeable hops chop--slightly bitter, and warm.

I'm disappointed with myself for not realizing that this beer existed. It's really quite lovely--a very satisfying English-style pale ale.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

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