Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Golden Vox

A collaborative beer brewed by the beer geniuses of Van Kleek Hill, Ontario, and Canadian hip-hop stud K-OS? Yes. I'll buy that.

Golden Vox is billed as a rye pale lagered ale. It charges the gate at 6% alcohol, 46 IBUs, and pours a beautifully clear golden colour. The 600mL bottle that houses this elixir features a rad, leather-clad, sunglass-sporting fox on the label. The suds pour with a thinnish white head. There is a substantial toasted grain nose that comes with a modicum of bitterness. To my unschooled but evolving palate, there is a grainy, Kölsch-style flavour built alongside a tiny burst of rye warmth. The beer finishes cleanly, with a soupçon of bitterness that agreeably seals the deal.

Golden Vox has only a marginal dose of rye zeal, which let me down a trifle, but this calm and patient offering from Beau's All Natural Brewing Co. offered a nice flavour and an agreeable mouthfeel. Not all that dissimilar from Beau's legendary Lug Tread, Golden Vox adds a faint glimmering of rye charge to the equation to differentiate itself from Beau's stable brew (in truth, they were so similar I worry I couldn't
Tell them apart). There is a slight tinge of wood-aged sweetness that adds a touch of depth to the ale, which provides a bit of oomph.

Fans of Beau's excellent Lug Tread should be particularly intrigued by this oat soda, though I predict widespread satisfaction. It's only slightly richer and subtly different, but worth sampling. As with the vast majority of the Beau's brews I've sampled, Golden Vox is well crafted and pleasant. I'd have liked a bit more variation, but this ale is certainly worth sampling.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10.

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