Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Easy Stout

Walkerville Brewery's Easy Stout followed me home for two main reasons: I've never tried it, and as a chubby dude, I know how easy it is to be stout!

Easy comes from scenic Windsor, Ontario. It's canned in slightly homely 473mL tins that hearken back to the Roaring 20s, and contains a faintly elevated 5.5%. The beer that tumbled  out looked like cola--deep brown, fizzy, and with a pretty layer of fuzz sitting upstairs. Through the Ol' fizz 'N' fuzz wafted a pretty impressive aroma that blended roasty malts and milk chocolate. True to that scent, the flavour also meandered between chocolatey and malty, with a little molasses thrown in for balance. There was a finite dusting of hops at the close to keep thing honest, but this beer was pretty sweet and gooey.

In fact, to my mind, the beer was almost sweet enough to wander into milk stout territory. Given the (sorry Walkerville) not very attractive packaging, this beer left me pleasantly surprised. It was highly flavourful for a light-bodied dark ale, and the flavour it pumped out wasn't just assertive; it had a purpose. Too sweet for me, and not sessionable, but Easy Stout did deliver a quality mug of ale and I'd buy it again.

7.0 out of 10.

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  1. Enjoyed the review! I live in Windsor and have had more than a few of these; it's nice to have one's tastes validated by somebody who can articulate things better.

    Glad you pointed out the cans, too. That brewery itself is a gorgeous space, and their branding is generally spot on and really elegant, but their cans are really strangely busy and unattractive.