Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Hopsta la Vista

Garish? Gaudy? Overwhelming? These are adjectives that popped into my mind when trying to describe the totality of the 473mL can from which pours Hopsta la Vista, an India pale ale from Toronto, Ontario's Longslice Brewery (though it should be said that I do like the stylized hop quite a bit). Really, if they'd stuck with the front panel, it would've looked pretty cool, but the back is too much for me. But this is a beer blog not a style blog, so let's move on to the task at hand.

H. la V. contains 6.5% alcohol. It's darker hued than I expected, bearing a swampy brown-orange tint. It's aroma is a tad mild, but it promises resinous hops and fruit notes. Dank and bitter, the flavour left me satisfied. The hops are well selected and used. There is a bit too much sweetness taking place in the front end, though, which make this IPA a touch syrupy. There are some raisin and malt notes, too, but in moderation.

Would I buy Hopsta la Vista again? Undoubtedly. Did it have everything that I want in an IPA? Unfortunately no. Still, it's a tasty, enjoyable Torontonian brew, and it hit more than enough of my preferred attributes to ensure I'll be back.

Rating: 7.0 out of 10.

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