Monday, 23 November 2015

Class V India Pale Ale

Class V India Pale Ale's snazzy 473mL can lists an IBU count of 72, and describes that as "sessionably hoppy". The can also says "Make your mother proud" next to the recycling emblem. We're off to a good start.

This 5.5% alcohol beer comes from Foresters Falls, Ontario. It's put together by an outfit called Whitewater Brewing Co. According to the can, Class V is "hand-crafted using only the freshest ingredients from the Ottawa Valley." This statement left me with questions: Are all of the ingredients used actually from the Ottawa Valley, or are they just assuring me that those ingredients that do come from the Ottawa Valley are the freshest? Semantics aside, Class V is a murky copper ale that pours with an agreeable cap of off-white head. The aroma flits between dank, citrus hops and rich, caramel malts. The beer smells stronger than its 5.5% listing. In terms of flavour, I found things to be a bit too far on the sweet side, but there are nice soggy citrus hops underneath.

For an IPA, Class V is well understrength. 5.5% is far too low. Call this stuff an APA though, and I'm pretty happy. Despite its low number, it does deliver a pleasant flavour and hearty bitterness. If this beer were less sweet and a bit drier, I'd love it. As it is, though, I like it a fair bit.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10.

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