Monday, 28 September 2015

Introvert Session IPA

When I spotted this beer on a shelf in Upstate New York, I rushed to pick it up. As a sometimes shy and often reserved lad, Introvert Session IPA sounded just about right.

Sold in 12oz. bottles by Longmont, Colorado's Left Hand Brewing Company (the outfit responsible for Polestar Pilsner and the Stranger American Pale Ale), Introvert contains a low octane 4.8% alcohol, making it well suited for weekend afternoon drinking or bringing to a house party. 

I poured myself a goblet of the hazy orange grog and enjoyed an aroma that featured fresh Valencia oranges. By the time I'd finished photographing and sniffing my pint, the loose, off-white head had receded. Introvert had a dry mouthfeel, but a fruity flavour. The chassis of this beer, however, was its surprisingly potent, hoppy backbone. Far more bitter than one would expect from a 4.8% ale, this stuff crammed big hops into a light-bodied package.

Introvert wasn't without its flaws though. The bottle promised heaps of tropical flavours, particularly papaya and kiwi. While I found there to be a nice, fruity vibe, I found it to be more domestic than exotic. Additionally, the flavour proved agreeable, but I could have done with a bit more of it. All told, though, this was a tasty and well built beer. One I'd happily buy again.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10.

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