Saturday, 6 June 2015

Lost River Baltic Porter

Lost River Baltic Porter followed me home from a recent trip to the Bellwoods Brewery bottle shop. I'd gone to the Torontonian suds supplier in search of IPAs and American Brown Ales, which I found in large measure, but as I turned to go, this sad little puppy looked so forlorn siting there in its refrigerator that I buckled and let it tag along.

At 7.6%, Lost River has some heft, it's sold in 500mL bottles, out of which comes a gush of opaque brown/black beer topped with a velour foam of cream head. Roasted malt is the commanding note in the aroma, though there are milky chocolate milk and molasses characteristics, too. A soft and creamy mouthfeel delicately grips roasty, malty flavour elements as well as some subtle chocolate and cafe con leche notes.

Generally, I like Bellwoods' hoppier and more assertively flavourful brews, but Lost River Baltic Porter offered a nice alternative. While still high in alcohol, it provided me with a mellow, melodic sipper that I savoured lazily on a Friday evening. This might not be Bellwoods' most unique or noteworthy beer and it doesn't have a "wow factor" (to use a greasy term), nor is it as revelatory as some of the porters I've been lucky enough to experience, but it is lovely offering all the same. 

Buy it. You'll like it!

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

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