Sunday, 28 June 2015

Fire in the Rye Roasted Rye Pale Ale

With a mouthful of a handle, Fire in the Rye Roasted Rye Pale Ale hails from Guelph, Ontario where it's brewed by the excellent Double Trouble Brewing Co. Hearty, but not overpowering, a 473mL can of Fire in the Rye contains a swampy amber-brown liquid at 6.1% alcohol and 60 IBUs. It pours from the cool, retro, Catcher in the Rye-looking can with a thick and deep fog of cream head. And as the can states, this brew is "deliciously unfiltered".

Spicy rye aromatics link arms with rich caramel and citrus hop notes. The nose is understated, but really quite lovely. The roasted rye and the ample hop bill drive the full flavour of this pale ale. Beneath all of that, there are warm toffee notes a murmur of orange peel, and some notes of raisin.

This is an excellent Ontario beer. In fact, it appears in my previous post, the Five Ontario Beers that Own My Fridge. I was excited when I first saw it on the shelf, I've enjoyed it many times since, and I've not been disappointed one iota. Rye and hops fans will get enough bitterness and spice to keep them cheering, and there's also lots of depth in the flavour. I like this stuff a lot!

Rating: 9.5 out of 10.

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