Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Fracture Imperial India Pale Ale

Fracture Imperial India Pale Ale is the brawny cousin of Amsterdam Brewery's excellent Boneshaker. Brewed in Toronto, Ontario, Fracture is sold in 355mL bottles that have a righteously badass label. It contains a belligerent 9.1% alcohol. I received a bottle of Fracture from a man who might possibly be its biggest fan, "The Reverend" Nick Gaiser.

It's a hazy, slightly rosy, amber brew. It poured with a thin froth of off-white head, but one that faded quickly. Fracture has a bitter and boozy nose. Like its kin, Boneshaker, it has gaudy citrus aromatics. Its flavour is, at least for an IIPA, pretty subtle and smooth, with initial sweetness and brazen late-breaking bitterness.

It's a very hoppy beer--one that's clearly contributing to the rumoured global hop shortage--but you won't here me complaining. It's a flavourful and delicious strong ale. It's not as impressive as Boneshaker, but it's easily worthy of lineage.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

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