Sunday, 25 January 2015

Classic Ales Six Pack--Marston's EPA

Marston's English Pale Ale is, according to the cap, the "Official Beer of England", which is pretty bold, given the number of terrific ales that come from Albion. Sold in 500mL bottles, the EPA contains a very light 3.6% alcohol. This hazy, pale gold ale is brewed in the legendary beer-making Mecca of Burton Upon Trent, England, famed for its mineral rich water, by Marston's Brewery. It pours with a thinnish off-white head.

Marston's EPA has a fairly fragile sour apple nose. Similarly, the flavour is mildly fruity, with notes of apple, and leads into a modestly dry, floral hop finish. Unsurprisingly for a beer south of the 4% line, it has a somewhat flimsy mouthfeel, though it is nicely fizzy. However, it does possess a bit more flavour that I ws expecting.

This ale isn't too shabby. It's flavourful enough, but a bit watery. I'd have liked a bit more generous hand with the hops, and  definitely more alcohol--at 3.6%, I chose to devour this stuff fairly early on a Sunday afternoon, but it could easily have been a breakfast beer.

Rating: 7.0 out of 10.

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