Sunday, 28 September 2014

Natural Selections 6-Pack, Volume 2--Elsinore

Elsinore is brewed in Victoria, British Columbia by the Phillips Brewing Company. It contains 5% alcohol and comes in 341mL bottles that have dashing, old world labels that indicate that the beer is dry-hopped, but not its style. However, I'm pretty confident that it's a pale lager, since it does mention that the brew is cold fermented. In fact, given its light golden colour, I'd call this a very pale pale lager. It's amply carbonated and just a teensy bit hazy. It has a bright ivory head that rose thickly but faded fast.

There is a modestly sweet, grainy aroma. It's a refreshing and crisp brew, but it doesn't have much by way of flavour. It tastes mildly of grain and grass, and there is a feeble dusting of bitterness near the finish. For a dry-hopped beer, this stuff has very little pop.

Sure, I enjoyed it alright, but I certainly won't be in a rush to revisit this stuff. I've enjoyed most everything that I have sampled from Phillips. While this beer wasn't exactly a disappointment, it certainly didn't leave me feeling satisfied.

Rating: 6.0 out of 10.

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