Friday, 19 September 2014

Karma Citra IPA

Karma Citra IPA is another proud member of the Tank Ten Series from Toronto, Ontario's Great Lakes Brewery. It comes in an elegant 650mL bottle, contains 6.6% alcohol, and 65 IBUs. It's a soft, orange-gold ale topped with a white head worthy of a fog warming.

Heady bitterness and bold citrus elements greet the nose. This beer tastes less bitter than the 65 IBU listing, but not for want of hoppiness. It's easy to tell that this beer is amply hopped, but this was done in a way that emphasizes the citrus and tropical fruit notes. There is also considerable sweetness--this makes a 650mL serving the limit for a single session. Truthfully, I'd have liked a stitch more dryness and a twitch less boozy sugariness. It finishes softly for an India Pale Ale.

This stuff tastes like some of the fruitier IPAs that have been gaining steam lately--it's a style that I find quite engaging, but on that I hope won't supplant the badass, conventionally bitter ones.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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