Saturday, 20 September 2014

Triple Bogey Premium Lager

Triple Bogey Premium Lager comes from Toronto, Ontario's Triple Bogey Brewing Co. It contains a standard 5% alcohol and comes in loud, fluorescent green cans (473mL) that almost had me expecting synthetic lime flavour.

This is a clear, straw gold brew. It's amply carbonated and pours with a bright white head that fades quickly to a thin disc. As you'd expect from a pale lager, there's a grainy, hay aroma with some starchy sweetness. The flavour tastes good enough--there's a reason that this style is the world's most popular--but it doesn't set itself apart. It just tastes like grassy grain and corn.

A definite "lawnmower lager", Triple Bogey is inoffensive, inoccuous, and uninspired. It's fairly crisp and undeniably refreshing, but it really doesn't add anything to a market that is already overcrowded with indistinguishable pale lagers. There isn't really anything special here; it isn't organic, there isn't a focus on local ingredients, etc. This is a fine beer, but you've basically had it before.

Rating: 6.0 out of 10.

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