Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Cuvée des Jacobins Rouge

Cuvée des Jacobins Rouge is a Flemish sour ale. It comes from Brouwerij Bockor, in Bellegem, Belgium. Sold in 330mL bottles, C.J.R. contains 5.5% alcohol. According to the label, it's aged 18 months in oak barrels.

It's a very attractive chestnut coloured ale, underneath a rich, cream head. It's amply carbonated. This stuff is not quite clear, but not exactly cloudy either. It has a tart, almost briny aroma. The extremely sour flavour made my lips pucker. This is easily among the most sour beers I've ever tasted. Tart fruit notes of cranberry and sour cherries are the chief flavour notes, but there is also an interesting yeasty taste that runs parallel. The finish is sour and short. The label indicated that the oak aging would provide a subtle vanilla flavour, but I'm afraid it was too subtle for my boorish palate.

A sour ale with lots of character, this is a quality brew. If you're into tart, young red wines, this stuff is definitely for you. However, if you haven't tried sour ales, tread carefully.  I gave my wife a sip of this stuff and the face that she made was priceless.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10.

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