Thursday, 11 July 2013

Smuttynose IPA

This tasty IPA was brought to my bachelor party by an awesome buddy. It's made by the Smuttynose Brewing Co., in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. It features possibly my all-time favourite beer label--displaying two old codgers in lawn chairs holding beers above the legend "India Pale Ale" Finestkind". They look so happy! The effect is A. Maze. Ing.

"India Pale Ale"

Smuttynose IPA comes in a 12oz. bottle.  No alcohol percentage is listed. It pours a hazy golden orange, topped with an extremely durable off-white head. It has an aroma that combines mild fruit sweetness with an agreeable bitterness. The flavour has notes of candied peaches nestled within a hoppy stronghold. I suspect that rates pretty high on the ol' IBU scale. The info on the bottleneck informs the drinker that the beer is both dry hopped and unfiltered.

This is a very enticing and altogether enjoyable I.P.A. There's ample bitterness to please hop heads, but with some nuance too. Have I mentioned that I really, REALLY love the label?

Rating: 9.0 out of 10.

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