Friday, 18 January 2013

Punk IPA

Punk IPA in produced by BrewDog, out of Fraserburgh, Scotland, a very cool brewery recognized, among other things, for brewing the world's strongest beers. This big brew comes in an adorable 330mL powder blue can. It clocked in at a solid (though a touch low for a craft IPA) 5.6% alcohol.
Punk pours a gently hazy golden colour topped with a persistent eggshell head. It has a fruity hop aroma. The flavour is bitter, but with surprising notes of tropical fruit. Possibly passion fruit? At the time, I wondered whether this might, in part, be due to the presence of Nelson Sauvin hops--a subsequent visit to the BrewDog website has confirmed this.

This is a nice, drinkable beer with an unusual and interesting flavour. It was my first experience with a BrewDog beer--a brewery that I previously knew by reputation alone. I knew that they were well known for brewing insanely boozy beers, but now I can report that they have a deft touch with subtler brews. I would definitely buy this stuff again.
Rating: 8.0 out of 10.

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