Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Kipling South Pacific Pale Ale

Kipling South Pacific Pale Ale is a neat beer.  Brewed by Thornbridge Brewery, out of Bakewell, UK, this stuff has character to spare. It comes in great looking 500mL bottles and contains 5.2% alcohol. KSPPA is brewed using Nelson Sauvin hops.  According to the label, this type of hops "imparts tropical fruit like flavours".

This ever-so-slightly hazy yellow-gold brew is topped with a very persistent white head. It has a much lighter colour than I expected when I pried off the cap. It has a concentrated hop aroma with notes of sweet fruit. The pale ale starts with a candied fruit flavour and builds to a considerably bitter finish. I thought that there might be some pineapple notes in the mix. It has a fairly dry aftertaste.

KSPPA presents a really interesting blend of sweet and bitter that makes this a brew worth exploring. The flavour isn't quite as punchy as the aroma led me to expect, but it's very easy drinking and well built.

If you like neat beers, I want you to try this one, ok?

Rating: 8.0 out of 10.

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