Thursday, 20 September 2012

Dragon Stout

I love the idea that stout is popular in Jamaica. In so many neighbouring countries, watery pale lagers are all the rage, but in Jamaica, a heavy, oil black stout is a popular brew. It makes me very happy.
And Dragon Stout is no novelty either.  It's a take no prisoners stout, sold in tiny 300mL bottles and weighing in at a muscly 7.5%. It hails from Kingston, Jamaica, where it's brewed by Desnoes and Geddes Limited. It's heavily carbonated and crowned with a frothy tan head. It's not a dry stout by any stretch--rather, it's quite malty with a subtext of fruity sweetness. The aroma is relatively mild--it's sweet with molasses notes and a gentle nuttiness.

Dragon Stout is a fun beer.  It's a stout that isn't all that typical of the style, but that only makes it more interesting to me.  It's certainly not my idea of a warm weather brew, but what do I know?

Rating: 8.0 out of 10.

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