Friday, 28 September 2012


I'm writing this post in July, but it's scheduled to be posted on September 28th.  September 28, 2012 is a noteworthy day, because it is my last day as a bachelor.  Wish me luck!

Skjálfti comes from Ölvisholt, Iceland, where it is brewed by Ölvisholt Brugghús. I bought a 500mL bottle that featured some pretty gnarly characters on it. According to the label, Skjálfti is Icelandic for earthquake. It goes on to explain that the brewery was struck by a considerable earthquake in 2000, so they named a beer after the event.  Badass.

Skjálfti contains a predictable 5% alcohol. I'd call it a pale ale, though the label doesn't specify. It pours a hazy golden orange colour and has a tonne of carbonation. It is graced with a luxurious creamy head that has some serious staying power. The aroma is a complicated blend of hoppy citrus and a touch of sweetness. Flavour-wise, Skjálfti tastes of biscuit with some notes of grapefruit and orange rind and is ever so slightly sour. The final note is a lingering bitterness.

It's a nice beer, but maybe not earth-shaking.  Sorry, but I couldn't resist the pun.  In all seriousness, Skjálfti is a lovely brew that is well worth your time.

Rating; 7.5 out of 10.

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