Friday, 27 April 2012


The other night, at an upscale Thai restaurant, I enjoyed a bottle of Singha, a brew that hails from Pathumthani, Thailand.  It's brewed by the Pathumthani Brewery Co. and comes in 330mL bottles.  It's a pale lager and clocks in at 5% alcohol.  The label proclaims that Singha is "the original Thai beer since 1933" and that it is "by Royal permission"--Fancy!

Singha has a very sweet, bready bouquet.  The beer has a nice, bubbly body and a flavour that consists primarily of grain.  There's also a hint of citric sourness in there somewhere.  It builds to a dry, hoppy conclusion.  It's a mild beer, but a pleasant one.
Singha makes some quality southeast Asian suds.  It's refreshing and drinkable, with a relatively robust flavour.  Worth sampling.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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  1. Hi Stout Man

    Although your rating of 7.5 is probably about right, the last Singha I had was definitely a 10. I drank it on a hot, humid day in Bangkok, to accompany some spicy street meat which I was scarfing down with great gusto. Heaven.

    I should also point out that "by Royal permission" carries considerably more gravitas in Thailand than it does here in the commonwealth. They do, after all, still imprison people there for the crime of lese-majesty.