Saturday, 21 April 2012

Lobster Lovers Beer

Lobster Lovers Beer (no apostrophe) hails from Rinkuškiai, Lithuania, where it is built by the Rinkuškiai Brewery.  It's a strong, bold beer, weighing in at 9.5% alcohol.  LLB is sold in incredibly strange 500mL bottles featuring a lobster superimposed on a woman's back and the slogan "Has life ever snapped at you? Grab it by the claws!"  Will do.
 LLB is a moderately carbonated, slightly cloudy orange colour.  There isn't a lot of head.  The aroma is extremely malty and yeasty.  It has flavours of sweet fruit, possibly raisins, as well as yeast and malt.  There's a considerable boozy blast in this brew.  The yeastiness and maltiness continue through to the aftertaste.  The mouthfeel is considerably buttery.

What this brew has to do with lobster is beyond me.  As a beer, there's very little bitterness to this one.  It's very strong and very sweet.  This one is only likely to appeal to some beer fans--those who dig punchy, malt-heavy suds will like it, while others might not be wild for it.  Still, Lobster Lovers Beer is probably worth buying for the label alone.

Rating: 7.0 out of 10.

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