Monday, 2 April 2012

Bellwoods Brewery

A new brewpub is opening up!  Right around the corner from my house!  This is a seriously exciting development. It's called the Bellwoods Brewery and it is supposed to open at the end of this week or early next week. I managed to secure an invite to a pre-opening tasting event.
 It sounds like Bellwoods Brewery is going to be working on a really ambitious roster of beers. There was talk of Berliner Weiss, a Baltic Porter and lots more. At the tasting, they provided us with four: a pale ale, a saison, a dubbel, and a double IPA. Stay tuned to the blog over the next few days for reviews of each of them. In addition, they supplied the tasters with some tasty meaty snacks and some great grainy breads in between samples.
 The brewpub, when it opens, is going to seat 40 people inside and there will eventually be another 40 outdoor patio seats. They do their brewing on site, and have an open kitchen that will have a rotating menu. The atmosphere is pretty industrial and the brewery is visible in the back. The plan is also to open a retail store next door where they'll sell bottles and growlers.  This might be the part that has me most excited. A bottle shop in the neighbourhood sounds like a great idea.

The tasting event was lots of fun. I would estimate that there were approximately 30 or 40 people in total. I sat with two charming table mates.  They were interesting folks, and both really knew their brews, which contributed to my enjoyment. The brewers circulated from table to table during the tasting, answering questions and spreading good will.  It was really apparent that these dudes love beer. They got very excited talking about the hops that they've been using and the plans for future brews.

This place is going to be great.  As you'll see from my next few posts, they have some interesting and challenging beers underway and it sounds like there'll be more to come.  When Bellwoods Brewery opens, make sure to check it out.  You'll probably see me there, hoisting a pint.

Bellwoods Brewery is located at 124 Ossington Avenue in Toronto.

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