Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Cockpuncher? That's right. Cockpuncher. This Imperial India pale ale is a formidable, dick-strikingly good beer. It comes from Toronto, Ontario's Indie Ale House and contains a heavy duty 10% alcohol. I had a 13oz. pour on tap at the excellent Bar Hop.

Cockpuncher is a somewhat hazy brass-coloured ale, topped with a persistent off-white head. It has an entrancing aroma that is vigourously hoppy  and grapefruit centered. There is considerable boozy sweetness in the introductory stages, but this is cut through by an almost excessively dry bitterness. The bitterness of this brew is citrus-heavy, but it's also resinous and slightly spicy. This is one hoppy mofo. I'd love to know what its IBU count is--gotta be over 80, which you'll likely be if you tackle this pungent nectar. Don't drink and drive!

One of Ontario's most audacious and in-your-face IIPAs. With a name like Cockpuncher, that kind of assertiveness should be no surprise.

Rating: 9.0 out of 10.

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