Monday, 6 May 2013

Creemore Springs Altbier Collaboration Ale

Creemore Springs Altbier Collaboration Ale is an altbier brewed in honour of Creemore Springs Brewery's 25th anniversary.  The brewery, located in Creemore, Ontario, has a great track record for making interesting and accessible ales and lagers, so I was pretty pumped to try their version of an alt, a cool and relatively uncommon (in Upper Canada, at least) German ale. The Collaboration Ale was brewed in partnership with Germany's Zum Schlüssel. The limited edition ale came in a 473mL can and contained 5% alcohol.

 The Altbier was a brassy amber colour, clear, and topped with a foamy cream head. It's coppery aroma had a kiss of maltiness. It was smooth and creamy, initially, but built to a surprisingly robust and bitter finish. The flavour was toasty and featured a gentle metallic quality.

Creemore's Altbier looks great and tastes even better. If you see it, buy it. I love to see Ontario brewers playing around with atypical styles. This brew has a lovely initial taste, but the finish is where it really excels.  The toasty bitterness is wonderful!

Rating: 9.5 out of 10. 

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