Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Okocim Mocne

Apparently, "mocne" means strong in Polish, and, when compared to other Eastern European pale brews, Okicim Mocne is certainly that. Boasting an alcohol content of 7.1, Mocne comes in a 500mL can. It's brewed by Okocim Breweries in Brzesko, Poland--it's a brand of the Carlsberg Group. According to the Carlsberg Group's website, Mocne is classified as a pilsner.

It pours a clear honey-gold colour with a white head. It has a powerful grain aroma with a slight whiff of alcohol. It doesn't really taste all that much boozier than other pale lagers but there is a bit more flavour and a decent amount of warmth. It starts sweet with dominant notes of corn and grain, then moves into a bitter finish.

Mocne tastes like a traditional pilsner, but concentrated. It's an interesting twist for pilsner fans looking for a bit more bang for their buck. I probably won't be buying this bad boy on a regular basis, but I'd definitely revisit it once in a while.  For what it's worth, my partner (a big pilsner fan) says she likes it too.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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