Monday, 19 November 2012

Jubilation Winter Warmer

Jubilation Winter Warmer is produced by the good people of Grand River Brewing, out of Cambridge, Ontario. Sold in 500mL bottles, Jubi clocks in at a muscular 7% alcohol. It pours a considerably cloudy golden-red colour, topped with a thin but persistent layer of cream-coloured head. It has just a slight amount of carbonation.

Jubi smells sweet, boozy, and spiced. It's very festive. It's very full-bodied, with some fruit notes, lots of malt character, and a not insubstantial level of bitterness. The label calls it "Ale brewed with spices and orange." I initially had a tough time picking out the orange flavour, but it's definitely there--the rind adds to the bitterness. The aftertaste, spiced and bitter, lingers for a while.

Shame on me for drinking a winter warmer on a warm evening in May, but it really hit the spot. I'd like a bit more spice notes, and possibly some caramel notes, but this is a pretty nice brew. It's interesting and robust.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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