Friday, 30 March 2012

Mill Street Organic Ice Cream Float

The other day I saw a strange thing on the menu of Toronto's Lakeview restaurant--an ice cream float made with beer.  What the what?!  Of course I tried it.  This odd creation was made out of Mill St. Organic and ice cream.  They were out of vanilla, so they had to use chocolate.  This was going to be weird.  Partner made this face.
 It was a weird looking concoction.  When it arrived, it was a very layered, almost greenish colour.  Gradually, it melted together into a sickly brown colour.
 The sweetness of the ice cream really accentuated the beer's sour flavours.  I suspect that this would have been a lot better with vanilla.  This is definitely not something that I'd try with a beer stronger than a light pale lager.
I didn't hate it.  But it was strange and confusing.  Would I recommend a beer float?  ...Um...m...aybe...?  It is unique and interesting, but also a little gross.

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