Sunday, 4 March 2012

Duggan's Sorachi Lager

This is a first--I'm reviewing a light beer.

I do not care for light bière.
I will not drink it in my chair.
I will not store it in my fridge.
I just might throw it from a bridge.

The Duggan's Sorachi Lager is not just another light beer.  Sure, its extremely pale and has only 4% alcohol, but it's got character and is far more noteworthy than its watery, timid counterparts. The Sorachi Lager hails from Toronto, where it is brewed by Duggan's Brewery.  It is sold in stylized 275mL bottles and pours a very clear, moderately carbonated pale straw colour, crowned with a bloom of foamy white head.  It has an interesting and surprisingly robust bitter aroma for a light beer.
Sorachi is a very thin brew.  It has an extremely delicate, somewhat nondescript flavour on the front end, but that soon gives way to a surprisingly abrupt, bitter crunch in an aftertaste that is also somewhat metallic.  It is an interesting taste combo that I was definitely not expecting.

This is still a light beer.  It is thin and a bit flimsy, but it's not too watery and it's got more oomph than your average light.  I'd like a bit more zealousness in the initial taste, but this is a beer I would try again.  It is highly drinkable and quite distinctive.

Rating: 7.0 out of 10.

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