Saturday, 11 March 2017

True North All Natural Inukshuk IPA

If you buy a sixer of 341mL bottles of True North All Natural Inukshuk IPA, allow me to give you a free tip: the thin cardboard six-pack holder is garbage and if you're not particularly cautious, you're gonna lose your beer and your mind.

That said, Inukshuk IPA, from Magnotta Brewing in Vaughn, Ontario, is a decent enough India pale. It's fairly low-test, at just 6.5%, but it definitely looks the part, with a handsome brass colour, hazy, with a thick layer of white head. The nose is a tad confusing, with some pilsner-like notes beneath an evergreen and grapefruit top note. Taste-wise, Inukshuk IPA starts sweetly, with some pleasant ale malts, before ending on a marginally bitter note, assisted by a modest hops profile.

Inukshuk IPA is, as full-size IPAs go, close to a session beer. It's lower-than-average strength makes it relatively easy to consume, and it's mild flavour assists in the task. However, for these very same reasons, it is not an elite or upper tier IPA. It could use a touch more booze and considerably more direction to get near that level. Still, if I saw this stuff on tap at a pub, I'd gratefully revisit it.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10.

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