Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Continuity Baltic Porter

Despite some egghead mumbo jumbo about Gestalt continuity on the label, I decided to pick up a 500mL bottle of Continuity Baltic Porter, a nice dark ale from Guelph, Ontario's Stone Hammer Brewing. The brew was a solid 7.8% alcohol, balanced against just 34 IBUs. It poured blackly with auburn highlights beneath a thick tawny head.

Continuity had a brawny nose, rich with dried fruit notes and a touch of fruitcake. The flavour was an attention catching jumble of tastes--raisin, coffee, leather, and well-roasted malt were the chief elements that I picked up. CBP finished sweetly, but with a ripple of hops. By the end, the booze bill was also starting to assert itself.

According to the slogan printed in the label, "continuity" is a noun defined as "the unbroken and consistent existence of great beer over time." Lofty stuff. Fortunately, this Baltic porter did approach greatness, with its stalwart, never showy flavour, and its high percentage. It could have been a bit more bitter--that would have given the finish a bit of verve. Still and all, CBP was a really nice dark beer from one of Ontario's better below-the-radar brewers.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

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