Sunday, 5 February 2017

Pugnacious Porter

During a trip to New Brunswick, I spent a few hours shunting from brewery to brewery, loading up my dad's truck with stuff to bring home and try. One of my stops brought me to Grimross Craft Beer, where I picked up a couple of bottles, including a 750mL swing-top bomber of their Pugnacious Porter. P squared is a black-amber brew with a nice cream head. It's APV is hardly pugnacious, weighing in at a barely feisty 4.5%. Despite the low figure, the beer had some other attributes that hit above its weight class.

Pug Port had a lovely and warm aroma of mocha and roasted malt. It's flavour proved to have more coffee to it than chocolate, though both were still represented. Behind those elements, there was also enough hops to give the beer a bitter finish.

Grimross has become, over the last couple of years, a place that I try to stop into at least once during every visit home to Fredericton. Despite its less than ideal location, it constantly delivers nice suds that are more than worth my time. Pugnacious Porter kept lived up to that reputation--it could have been considerably stronger, but it had a rich and rewarding flavour that picked up that slack.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10.

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