Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Session Saison

Session Saison comes from Toronto, Ontario's Burdock Brewery. At just 4.8% alcohol, it's a crisp and light-bodied saison. According to the very plain label on the 500mL bottle, this little treat is brewed with raw and flaked wheat, buckwheat, and Ontario hops, along with barley.

It's a dull golden ale, chalk full of carbonation, and topped with a thin but determined white head. Session Saison has a chipper nose, built around yeast, but also slightly sharp with tartness. The beer has a fizzy, thin bod, with a very dry finish. Its chief flavour notes are green apple and Belgian-inspired yeast.

On the good side of the ledger, this beer is refreshing, interesting, and subtle. On the bad (or the less than good, as this is really a pretty decent little brew), there isn't enough flavour to match the punchy aroma and the stuff is a touch thin. I found it to be an agreeable beer and you might too. Plus, get off your Toronto butts and support a new local beer-maker!

Rating: 7.0 out of 10.

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