Saturday, 12 July 2014

Saison Dupump

Saison Dupump is a fall seasonal offering from Toronto, Ontario's Great Lakes Brewery. An entry from GLB's Tank Ten Series, S.D. is a pumpkin saison.  In 2012, I was utterly obsessed with pumpkin beers, to the point that I kinda overdid it. In 2013, I resolved to limit my consumption of pumpkin brews to interesting and unusual ones--a pumpkin saison certainly filled that requirement. It came in a 650mL bottle and clocked in at 5.2% alcohol.

Saison Dupump was a hazy golden brew topped with a thick layer of ecru head. It was well carbonated, but not quite as fizzy as many other farmhouse ales. It had a mild aroma--fresh and yeasty, with a dollop of pumpkin warmth and a dash of spice. It had a cheery, fizzy mouthfeel that was very dry for a pumpkin beer. It's flavour mirrored the aroma, with a strong yeasty base running with a pleasing pumpkin spice accent.

This was a cool and innovative beer. An interesting melange between the refreshing vigour of a farmhouse ale and the comfortable autumnal warmth of pumpkin. It made for an excellent transition from summer into fall. It hits an unusual but enjoyable note.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

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