Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Bolshevik Bastard

Bolshevik Bastard is a Russian Imperial Stout that clocks in at 9% alcohol. It's brewed by Burlington, Ontario's Nickel Brook Brewing Co. I ordered and enjoyed a 355mL bottle at a Kensington Market beer bar. The label says that this stuff is "Brewed by Comrades" and declares that this stuff is a "Miracle of Science". Okay. Bring it on.

Its nose is grainy, malty, and heavy on the thick molasses.  It's also pretty boozy. While thick for a strong stout, the mouthfeel is pretty velvety. It's not anemic by any sense, but the flavour isn't as bold as I expected. It's sweet and malty with jumbo molasses up front, with an understated but building bitterness riding in the backseat. The finish has a whisper of cranberry tartness. Aesthetically, it comes in a handsome bottle. The hammer and sickle look cool and its not overblown. The beer itself is deep and dark. It pours beneath an unexpectedly thin tan head.

I'd have liked a bit more hoppiness.  Overall, though, this is a fine entry, but not terribly memorable.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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